T can be effective for several weeks. Initial lontophoresis treatment takes about 30 minutes per treatment site at least 4 days per week. There is a potential for skin irritation, and this application is not usually recommended for underarm or facial/head hyperhidrosis. Top of page surgery surgery is often a last resort for people whose lifestyles are seriously affected by hyperhidrosis, and for whom other more conventional therapies have failed. Hyperhidrosis of the hands can be treated with a procedure known as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy, or ets for short. pfizer viagra sales In ets, doctors cut or clip the nerves causing abnormal sweating. Surgery can often be performed on an outpatient basis, i. viagra name history E. buying viagra online legal us , without having to remain in hospital overnight. viagra name history   the type of surgery usually done for underarm sweating (auxiliary hyperhidrosis) is surgical excision of auxiliary glands. viagra online forsale In this operation the sweat glands are actually removed. Surgery can be an effective approach to managing hyperhidrosis. Some patients report relief from their symptoms immediately after the operation. generic viagra Follow-ups have shown that sweating remains reduced for at least several years after surgery in many cases. viagra patient information Like all surgeries, there are risks. These include the possibility of infection, and/or damage to nerves in the chest area where the incision is made. In addition, some patients’ bodies “make up” for the decreased sweating in the treated area by producing more sweat in other areas of the body; this is known as compensatory sweating. Top of page health care coverage the costs of hyperhidrosis treatments may be covered by your private or public insurance. This depends on your health plan and your treatment option. viagra for sale uk Private health care coverage private health care coverage is designed to take care of the day-to-day coverage of medications and/or treatments that your public coverage does not. Private health insurance may be provided to you by your employer, your student plan, or by other members of your family, or you may purchase coverage on an individual basis. The amount of coverage of the treatment will depend on your specific insurance plan policy. cheap generic viagra You will be reimbursed either the full amount or a percentage of the full amount (usually an average. cheap viagra